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Email campaign is the #1 way to advertise online. The very essence of E-mail Marketing lies in People’s keenness to check Inbox every day. It is observed that Email Marketing delivers better results and it is getting popular as it is the most effective and most productive method of advertising online.

E NET LANKA has a team of professionals dedicated to harness the power of email marketing. E-mail marketing is a revolutionary way to exponentially increase your sales and profits. It is also one of the most effective marketing communications and promotions vehicles in today's internet marketplace. We'll help you target, create, and deliver effective messaging with lightning speed that drives action and manages customer relationships. We'll help you achieve real results, reaching potential and existing customers with relevant, interesting, and enticing communications. 

We offer a comprehensive email & web marketing plan for our clients. Our email marketing philosophy is based on highest integrity and ethics. We provide the design, mailing and management for all your email & web marketing campaigns. We provide copywriting/editing, designing and emailing services that get compelling messages out to your targeted prospects. 

E NET LANKA uses state of the art technology to deliver innovative advertising formats and power its broad range of efficient marketing solutions enabling it to meet a broad range of advertiser objectives ranging from branding to lead generation, customer acquisition and customer relationship management programs.

Every e-mail sent can create a potential customer and also proved to be the best method to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Returns on Investment
  • Assured Results/Traffic
  • Personalized Advertising
  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Increased branding opportunities for your goods & services
  • Attracting more visitors to your site
  • Being easily found by customers
  • Improved repeat business traffic
  • Increased sales/leads
We currently owns a list of over 300,000 latest email addresses of Sri Lankans and this number is continuously growing with new members who are registering on our site  www.enetlanka.com .

300,000 Sri Lankan email Addresses Database contains

·         Sri Lanka Business email addresses over 75,000 (SLT and other lk,com,net,info)
·         Sri Lanka Yahoo Addresses
·         Sri Lanka Gmail Addresses
·         Sri Lanka Hotmail Addresses
·         Other email addresses


What Do We Do

Whatever your requirement I am sure that we can help! pisture

  • Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes Advertising

  • Small Business Advertisement Promotions

  • Company Advertisement Promotions

  • Advertising job vacancies (you can get ideal applications at least 100)

  • Website Promotion

  • Vehicles Advertisement (you can put 6 vehicles in one AD)

  • Newsletters and Whatever you wish

Target Mailing Groups


CEO’s, Managing Directors, Managers, Senior Officers, Professionals, Senior & Junior Executives,  Investors, Importers, Exporters, Students, Adults & House wives.

Target Mailing Sectors


Large scale to small medium companies, Private Companies, NGO’s, Embassies, Factories, Industries, Government Offices & Ministries, Banks, Real Estates, Institutes, Hotels, Holiday Resorts & Restaurants, Air Lines, Travel Agents.


Welcome to eNet Lanka.

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