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Frequently asked questions

1.    What is the Response Rate of a Typical Email Ad We Do? 

2.    How do the Results of the Email Campaigns get Monitored?

3.    How to Pay for The Services?

4.   How Was Our E-mail Database Created?

5.    How does E-mail Advertising Help You?

6.    Can We Design the Ad for You?

7.     How Can You Advertise With Us?


1.    What is the Response Rate of a Typical Email Ad We Do? 

An exact figure cannot be given as the response can depend on many factors such as 

  • How attractive is your email subject line. Does it attract people’s attention to click and open the email? 
  • How attractive is the offer you promote in the email? 
  • Is your offer appealing to the majority of the people in the data base or, is it appealing only to one segment in the base, such as female only, high income earners only. 
  • Are you sending this advertisement at the right time – for example, sending a advertisement for a higher educational coursers soon after A/L will be a big hit. 
  • How attractive and creative is your advertisement? In other words, “have you followed the artwork design guidelines explained at “templates” page?”

2.    How do the Results of the Email Campaigns get Monitored?

One email transmission may take about 2 – 3 weeks to complete. 

After the transmission is completed, our system will tell us how many mails actually got delivered and bounced. We can compile this information in to a report. You can request a report, and we can send this to you for your information and records. 

However, this report will not tell you, how many people actually opened the email and clicked on the advertisement. 

We doing modification to give you the correct details for the “Open Rate” and “Click Through Rate, CTR” data in the future for all our campaigns, but still we have some difficulties on that due to the high restriction that created by mail servers and spam filters. 

3.    How to Pay for The Services?

You can deposit cash or cheque into our bank account. When you are ready to advertise with us we will send you our bank details.

4.    How Was Our E-mail Database Created?

It is good for you to be aware that E NET LANKA has the largest E-mail Database which only contains E-mail addresses of Sri Lankan individuals. Our Email Database contains E-mail Addresses of over 300,000 E-mail Addresses and we are proud to inform you that it rapidly keeps growing every day. Surprisingly you have hit the right spot to carry out your E-mail campaign. A big question that a lot of clients bring up is, "How did you’ll get all these Email Addresses?"

We carried out a survey and have done major research on Internet Users and what E-mail Services that they mainly use. We have identified that Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Sri Lanka Telecom, are a few main E-mail service providers that Sri Lankan Internet Users would always try. We also have gathered information and email addresses from the local News paper advertisements and magazines and added them to our Database. We also have collected E-mail addresses from E-mail forwarding and Visiting Cards, Brochures, Hand Bills and known sources. The main source is our Online Subscription Form in our Official Web Site www.enetlanka.com. We have a lot of users who gets subscribed to our E-mail List every day. The other question that a client might want to know is "How do we assure that all these E-mail addresses are from Sri Lanka?"

For Yahoo, Google and Hotmail or any other International E-mail Service Providers, we search the users by countries and religions. This easily enables us to identify the Sri Lankan users. If it is not from a known E-mail Service Provider, once a week we carry out a process called a "Cleanup Test". A Cleanup Test is where we check all the E-mail Addresses and their Internet Protocol addresses and check if those E-mail addresses are in the range of Sri Lankan Internet Protocol Addresses. If they are not in the range of Sri Lankan Internet Protocol Addresses, we remove them from our E-mail Database and add them to our Online Groups (Yahoo, Google) which we have created for our International Users.

This way we assure our clients that all the contacts in our Database are Active Internet Users in Sri Lanka.

5.    How does E-mail Advertising Help You?

Advertising and Marketing plays a main role when it comes to business. Even if it is a Small Scale or a Large Scale Business, to survive in the rapidly growing market industry Advertising is essential.

The very first question that should come to your mind is "What media should I choose to advertise my Business?"

There are many Medias that you can choose. Television, Tele Communication, Paper, and Web are the main Medias that might come to your mind. The Cost for the first three mentioned Medias are very high compared to the Web. Directly getting to the question, we would like to point you out some major advantages of using E-mail Advertising.
  • Cost Effective - Any and Every person gets a chance to advertise their Business
  • You Decide, You Design - You get the chance to design and decide what you want the client to receive.
  • Advertisement Sharing - A person can send or rather forward the E-mail to another person/s which will enable the Advertisement to spread around the country and even to the world.
  • Perfect Run Time - The Advertisement E-mail keeps forwarding from a person to a person many times since it is open to the net and it happens for many days or months even if the E-mail Campaign is over.
  • Time Effective - It only takes less than one week for you to choose us, Select a Package, Design the Advertisement and Send it to Over 300,000 Sri Lankans.

6.    Can We Design the Ad for You? 

Yes. We can. This is an added service we give for our clients. We offer free of charge art work designs. You can select any artwork from our templates. Please refer templates page for more detail.

7.    How Can You Advertise With Us?

First you have to book a campaign time period for your email transmission. Normally our emails are transmitted 24 hours, but it can be scheduled to your need as you requested. Time period you selected is depending on the package you selected and the campaign that you going to do with that advertisement. 

“Pearl Package” which has 50,000 + emails will be only sent on weekdays starting from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm. 

“Diamond Package” which has 300,000 + email addresses will be transmitted around the day due to high number of email addresses. 

Time periods for “Sapphire Package” and “Emerald Package” can be modified as you requested. 

If you are planning to send the Email to complete base, out mail campaign will be going for about 2 to 3 weeks time period. (We are using slow delivery rate to make sure that 95% of the users will get the email without ending up in the Spam folder or junk box) 

If you are designing your ad/artwork, send it (email to us) at least before 24 hours to the reserved date. We will review your ad and feed it to our system, to set up the campaign. 

If your ad/artwork does not meet our specifications and design guidelines (explained at the templates page), we reserve the right to reject your ad & refund the money. Therefore it is advisable to send your artwork for our review well in advance. (So that you have enough time to do the changes, if any) 

Send us the “Subject Line” you wish to put in the email. This has to be limited to 8 -10 words. If you do not provide a subject line, we will use an appropriate subject line based on your advertisement.


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