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Artwork Design Guideline

Artwork design

Design requirements should be sent to us at least 7 days before the campaign date, as we need enough time to design it and get your feedback. 

You need to provide us the exact titles/wordings you wish to have in the ad and if you have any image you wish to include, please provide them in advance. 

Once the ad is designed, we will send it for your feedback and if there are any changes needed, please communicate them ASAP. After the changes we will send it back to you and you have only one more chance to request any more changes. 

Artwork – Design Guidelines - 1

File Dimension/Size/Format 
Dimension – 9’ x 12’ Inches (750 x 1000 Pxls)      
Size  - Should be less than 200 KB      
Format – JPG      
Dimension – 9’ x 6’ Inches (750 x 500 Pxls)      
Size  - Should be less than 200 KB      
Format – JPG    

If you artwork does not meet the above requirements, we will have to re-size it. If you have provided it in a different format we have to change the file format, please note that when resizing or changing the file formats, the quality of your original artwork may slightly dropped. Sometimes this drop in the quality may not be very noticeable. However it is always recommended for you to stick to the guidelines we have given. 

Artwork – Design Guidelines - 2

  • Use limited number of words (8-10)
  • Don’t make the readers feel that you are trying to sell something.
  • Specially try not to use the words like “Free, Advertising, Sell, Buy, Offers, Discount, Win, etc” coz that will make the email more in to spam category.
  • Make it newsworthy - think about subject lines as headlines in newspapers. Does it catch enough of your attention to read on?
  • Avoid ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation marks. "[ALL CAPS] feel like you are shouting for attention and not being respectful of your readers' time

Artwork – Design Guidelines - 3

  • Email Body
  • Email is a visual media. Make best use of it by having a proper mix of images and text in your advertisement.
  • Don’t make it look like a “classified ad” in the Sunday News Paper.
  • Maintain at least 40:60 ratios of images and texts in the full space of the advertisement. (Important)
  • If you have attractive images of your product/service, include them in the advertisement. Images can speak 1000 words for you.
  • Always stick to 5Bs– Big – Bold – Brilliant – Bright – Beautiful.

Artwork – Design Guidelines - 4

Call to Action
  • Make your contact details very prominent. Have full details, - Names, Address, Contact Numbers, Email Addresses, Web Site Links etc.
  • Email is a “Direct Response Media” So, have a clear “Call to Action (verbs)” in your email.


1) Call – Give the contact numbers

2) Click here to contact – link your ad to an email address

3) Click here for more info – link your ad to a web page where you give more details

4) Buy/Reserve/Book – Give the details of where and how to buy/reserve. 


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