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We believe that email marketing is the best way to promote your business online. Because it is much faster and cheaper than other traditional advertising media. When people switch on their computer the first thing most will do is check their emails. Email marketing could be an effective way of staying in touch with your customer base and making an impression on new customers. Benefits of Email Marketing could be described as below.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Fast and cost effective
  • Increase Your Sales Conversion
  • Generate Repeat Sales
  • Gain Valuable Feedback from your Customers
  • Best way of retaining communication links with you customers and increasing brand awareness.
  • A larger number of people could be reached at the same time.
  • Excellent opportunities to send large amount of products and service details rather than advertising through traditional media.

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Why eNet Lanka?

  • We Own Largest Email Database in Sri Lanka
  • We Do Free Artwork Design
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • We Reach Every Corner of the Country
  • We Send Your Exclusive Stand Alone Email Message
  • Safe, Quick and Cost Effective Email Marketing Service
  • We Send Through Our Servers
  • Reach thousands of Sri Lankans Who Want to Learn About Your Website/ Product
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What is Email Marketing?


Email Marketing is using email to distribute your marketing messages. It is the advertisement of a product, service, or brand. It can be used to improve the relationship between a business. . More »


Welcome to eNet Lanka.

Reaching People, Revitalizing Customers.